Use of Mixer Grinder

Use of Mixer Grinder

Use of Mixer Grinder

If you’re looking to buy one mixer grinder or if you want to know more about how to Use of Mixer Grinder, read on. Here is everything you need to know about these simple yet highly functional appliances: what they do, why you should own one, and which ones are the best available in India right now. Find out more here!

Mixer grinders are one of the most convenient kitchen appliances that assist in making batters by mixing dry ingredients with wet ingredients. These machines mix different textures, flavors, and colors together to come up with a smooth texture- perfect for various dishes!

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1. What is a mixer grinder and how do I use one

A mixer grinder is an electric machine that grinds or processes various ingredients into a uniform mixture. You can use it to make batter for cakes, cookies, pieces of bread, and ice creams. It does this by first mixing dry ingredients with wet ones together, then by applying suction to process the mixture. This separates the solid particles from the liquid particles and ensures that everything comes out uniform, smooth and lump-free!

Unlike other kitchen appliances like blenders, food processors, or mixers where all you do is put the ingredients in them, mixer grinders need to be given instructions on how to process the mixture. That’s because different machines have different features and settings which help produce uniform results time after time!

Continue reading the article to learn more about how to use a mixer grinder and what some of its advantages and disadvantages are.

2. Top 10 Best Mixer Grinders You Can Buy In India

The 10 best mixer grinders in India are selected on the basis of their quality, performance, ease of use, power, and durability. The price range varies from Rs500 to Rs2500.

Here are the top 10 best mixer grinders that you can buy in India:

-Mixie Mixer Grinder

-Kenwood Mixer Grinder

-Pigeon Mixer Grinder

-Koenig Mixer Grinder

-PremierMixer Grinder

-Bajaj Mixer Grinder

-Swash Mixer Grinder

-Bajaj Hpia Mixer Grinder

-Sowbaghya Mixer Grinder

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3. How to make the perfect cake using a mixer grinder

A mixer grinder is a household appliance that is used for the purpose of grinding and mixing dry ingredients to prepare the batter. It has a rotating head, whose blades rotates at high speed. The blades are mounted in a chamber.


1 – In a bowl add in all the ingredients and mix well.

2 -Pour in water slowly and make sure you mix well.

3 – Pour the batter from the bowl into the cake molds or cupcakes tray and bake until done.

4 – Apply a buttercream topping, frosting, or whipped cream on top of the cake when cooled down. Serve with ice cream or chocolate sauce if desired!

4. Why should you buy a mixer grinder

Buying a mixer grinder is definitely worth it for most people. Not only can these machines help you switch up flavors with their various settings, but they also come with the added benefit of saving you time!

If you choose to buy a cheap mixer grinder, an attachment for your kitchen whisk is likely included; this comes in handy for making things like whipped cream, mayonnaise, and dressings.

Some models come with a dough kneader as well. In addition to the various things you can use your mixer grinder for, you also have a guarantee of up to 3 years on electrical parts and 2 years on non-electrical parts, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your machine wearing out quickly!


If you are looking for the best mixer grinder in India, then look no further. We cover a variety of different models and guide about Use of Mixer Grinder so you can choose from and we guarantee that they will meet your needs.

Mixer grinders are one of the most convenient kitchen appliances that assist in making batters by mixing dry ingredients with wet ingredients. These machines mix different textures, flavors, and colors together to come up with a smooth texture- perfect for various dishes!


Q: How does a mixer grinder work?

A: A mixer grinder is a combination of one blade at the bottom which rotates in a circular motion to blend or chop food items. The blades are attached to a motor that turns them extremely fast. The bowl with the blade is then attached to a lever and pedestal, and you can attach another utensil on top of it for grinding purposes.

Q: Can I use my blender instead of a mixer grinder?

A: Blenders work differently than mixer grinders. Mixer grinders have one chamber where all the ingredients go inside and come out as a smooth mixture. But blenders cut up foods into small pieces so they get blended together smoothly without any lumps of ingredients sticking to each other. So if you are trying to make a puree or liquid mix, the blender will definitely do the job. However, if you are grinding dry ingredients like spices, nuts, chocolates, etc. mixer grinder with its blades rotating at high speed will do the job better than a blender.

Q: What should I consider while choosing a best-rated mixer grinder in India?

A: When you choose a machine, don’t just go by looks and claims of being the best mixer grinders available in the Indian market. There are a few things you need to look for before making a purchase:

– The warranty period on your machine should be at least 2 years and up. Make sure that parts like blades and motors are covered in the warranty period.

– It’s always better to buy a heavy-duty mixer grinder with a powerful motor, as it will last longer.

– Also make sure that you buy a model with removable parts as it makes washing and maintenance really easy.

Q: What are the extra features I should look for in mixer grinders?

A: While buying your mixer grinder, consider these key factors:

– Safety lock system prevents the machine from being switched on accidentally.

– A powerful motor means that the machine will work efficiently, grind faster, and last longer.

– Noise level is also something to look for when buying a mixer grinder. You don’t want it to be too loud or distracting because then you would have issues with its operation while grinding in the kitchen.

– Different blades help in producing different textures while grinding food items.

– A transparent lid will make it easier for you to see inside while grinding without having to open the lid and risk spilling your ingredients all over the place!

– Some models also come with accessories like a dough kneader, which speeds up the preparation time.

– You don’t want to spend so much time cleaning your machine after use, so look for a model with removable parts.

– Finally, you’ll also be needing different jars in which to store ingredients before grinding them in the mixer grinder. Make sure the jars are of good quality and durable enough.

Q: How much wattage should my mixer grinder have?

A: There is no standard answer or formula for this because the wattage depends on the power to rotation ratio. Most household stand mixers come with 500-750 watts of motor power.

They can work well for most recipes, but if you are trying to grind hard ingredients like chocolates or nuts, you will have to take time and work slowly. The speed at which the blades rotate is directly proportional to how much power it requires from the motor. So a higher wattage mixer grinder with a powerful motor will be low on noise level but high in output.

Q: Can I grind wet ingredients with a mixer grinder?

A: A mixer grinder is not meant for grinding wet ingredients like boiled or pureed vegetables, beans, or lentils. Mixer grinders are designed to process dry ingredients only.

Q: Can a mixer grinder be used as a blender?

A: Blenders and mixer grinders are both used to mix food items, but they work in different ways. A blender chops the ingredients into smaller pieces so that they blend together easily without any issues.

However, this also means that you will get a very smooth texture once the ingredients get blended together. On the other hand, the mixer grinder grinds the food items well but doesn’t chop them into smaller pieces.

This is because mixer grinders are made to process dry ingredients only. If you are looking for a machine that will chop your ingredients, then go in for a grinder or chopper instead.

Q: What is a mixer grinder and what does it do?

A: A mixer grinder is an appliance that can be used to grind and mix dry ingredients into the batter. It has rotating blades which, when spinning at high speeds, help separate solid particles from liquid ones.

Q: Which one should I buy- a mixer grinder or a food processor?

A: It really depends on what you need, and your budget. If all you want to use it for is grinding dry ingredients into the batter, then a mixer grinder will do fine. However, if you also want the option of slicing vegetables and other such things, then a food processor would be better suited.

Q: How much noise does one make?

A: Most tend to be quite noisy! If that bothers you, there are mellower models available in the market- but expect to pay more money for them!

Q: Can I put wet and dry ingredients at the same time in my blender?

A: No- wait until the wet ingredients get mixed together with water before adding other ingredients like eggs or oil.

Q: What’s the difference between wet and dry ingredients?

A: Wet ingredients are mostly liquids, while dry ingredients are dry. Things like water, yogurt, milk, and oil come under wet ingredients. Ingredients like flour, salt, sugar, and baking powder fall under the ‘dry’ category.