Philips HL7707 vs Preethi Zodiac

Philips HL7707 vs Preethi Zodiac

Philips HL7707 vs Preethi Zodiac

The Philips HL7707 and the Preethi Zodiac are both great blenders, but which is better? The two machines have a lot of similarities such as power, speed, and capacity. They also have some key differences that may make one more suited to your needs than the other. Read on to find out which blender will be best for you!

Philips HL7707 Review :

The kitchen appliances market is flooded with an enormous variety of mixer grinders. All the popular brands compete to win over your hearts and wallets. Today, I will be comparing 2 appliances from two famous brands. Both are very different in design, size, and features so it becomes hard for a user to choose between them. So instead of choosing one, I bought both of them. So here is my Philips HL7707 vs Preethi Zodiac mixer grinder review.

Let us first look at how they work and then do a complete comparison between the two models: Check out the latest price for Philips HL7707 Mixer Grinder on the online marketplace.

These are very similar in design but Preethi Zodiac is made up of 2 separate jars while the Philips one has 1 closed jar. The biggest advantage of having two jars is that you can grind different ingredients in each jar and then mix them together later. They both have stainless steel blades made by Germany’s famous company “Paul Wurth”, which means they will stay sharp for a long time. The other difference is that HL7703 has an auto grinding option, which means it will automatically switch off after completing the grinding cycle; while Zodiac doesn’t have this useful feature…

Other than the above features, there is no real difference between these two, and both work very well.

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Philips HL7707 Review:

Philips HL7707 vs Preethi ZodiacBuy Now on Amazon

This mixer grinder comes with 2 Jars of different sizes so you can grind different quantities at once. This feature makes it quite useful… Because if you have two jars you don’t need to frequently wash them if you prepare small amounts frequently. The jars are made up of high-quality stainless steel which will not rust easily.

However, I found that the Jar lids were very fragile and broke into pieces after a fall from a height of 2 feet. Also since they are made up of stainless steel they tend to get scratched easily, but this does not affect the performance of the mixer grinder. The grinder has no spaces large enough for fingers or anything else to slip inside, so there is minimal risk of accidental chopping off your fingers while using this product.

This mixer grinder comes with an attachment that helps in grinding spices without any seeds getting mixed in… However, I found that it was fairly difficult to get a good grind when attempting to make dry red chili powder using this attachment. It can be done but you have to turn the knob really hard and it will take longer than required.

So I would recommend not using this attachment too much if you are planning on making recipes that require exactly ground spices, instead use the jars which give more consistent results.

The blades are made up of stainless steel and are sharp enough to blend almost anything… However, after a few uses, it starts developing rust, if you wash the jar in hot water then the blades will get detached from its base.

I found that this problem can be solved just by giving it a good cleaning and leaving it for some time before putting back in use again. Also when washing, you should never let any part of the mixer grinder touch water as you might break it or lose all its shine due to corrosion.

The motor is strong enough to grind small amounts of ingredients at once without getting overheated. But I wouldn’t recommend grinding very heavy loads of dry stuff for longer durations because of the higher chances of the motor burning up. It’s also quite loud, but this is the case with all mixers, so no complaints.

Preethi Zodiac Review:

Philips HL7707 vs Preethi ZodiacBuy Now on Amazon

This mixer grinder comes with 2 jars of which the top one is fitted with a rotary switch that can be used to select speeds and also lock it in place while grinding. The bottom jar has a normal lid just like the hl7707 and does not have any similar features.

The top jar is made up of stainless steel and is relatively less susceptible to scratching and rusting… But I would still recommend taking care while using dishwasher and soap water because the corrosion can start occurring even in a dishwasher if it’s too acidic or if there is some other chemical reaction going on.

The lower jaw is made up of plastic and does not get scratched or fade easily… However, the plastic jars do come with their own set of problems. They are very light, so they can fall off high surfaces, also since it’s made up of transparent plastic you cannot see what’s inside clearly. And lastly, if some liquid gets on the floors. It will leave a bad odor. So be very careful using it with liquids.

The blades are made up of stainless steel and can really grind almost anything… But I recommend grinding heavier loads for shorter periods because the motor cannot handle too much load at once. Also sometimes there is some debris coming out of the jar which makes cleaning difficult, but this problem can be solved by grinding lesser quantities.

Philips HL7707


Powerful motor

Sharp Blades, Rust Proof Jar, Attractive design.

Compact Design, Easy to Use.

The motor is powerful and does not overheat if used for short periods.

Attractive design, Stainless steel blades, and rust-proof jar.


Overall Build Quality could be improved.

Preethi Zodiac


India’s No 1 Mixer-Grinder Brand(as per Francis Kanoi)

Looks good,

Powerful motor.

Minimal risk of Accidental Chopping off fingers.


Some buyers notice not good for juice extraction


Q: Is Philips or Preethi zodiac better?

A: Both are good in their own way. However, the Preethi Zodiac mixer grinder is more suited to Indian households, while the Philips HL7707 is more suited to Western households. The main reason for this is that the Preethi Zodiac mixie comes with 3 jars and has a large grinding capacity which is suitable for Indian households. But if you are living in Western countries where the cooking styles are not very similar to ours, then the Philips HL7707 mixer grinder is more suited for you.

Q: Is Philips Mixer grinder safe?

A: Yes if you use it as intended. The blades are a bit blunt and hence there is a greater chance of the fingers getting injured when in contact with the blades, but there are always safety precautions that you can take to avoid this risk. Also, the jar is made up of stainless steel which looks promising, but the material is not rustproof, so I would recommend being careful while taking care of it.

Q: What is the difference between Philips and Preethi zodiacs?

A: Preethi mixer grinders have more jars, which makes grinding a lot more convenient. But the downside is that there is a greater chance of the jars getting damaged. Also, the Preethi Zodiac mixers come with a patented motor design which means that they are built to last for longer periods of time and they include a warranty which is great if you compare them to Philips.

Q: Can I use a Philips jar for a Preethi mixer grinder?

A: Yes, you can use any jar with any mixer grinder. The biggest point of concern is that you should ensure that the container fits the motor base.