How To Use Mixer Grinder

How To Use Mixer Grinder

How To Use Mixer Grinder?

  1. prepare the ingredients by identifying them and collecting them

    To start, you will need to gather the ingredients you are going to use. Arrange them all together right at the beginning, to ensure that no one misses out on anything.

  2. Choose a jar that best suits your needs

    In addition to choosing the right type of mixer grinder jar, you also need to take into account your needs. The main types of jars that mixer grinders come with are:
    a. juicer jars
    b. chutney-making jars,
    c. dry grinding jars, and
    d. wet grinding jars

  3. The correct blade must be used

    There are different types of blades, as there are different types of jars. Some of the more commonly used blades are:
    a. dry grinding jars
    b. wet grinding jars
    c. juicer jars, and
    d. chutney-making jars,

  4. Place the food items in the jar

    Using the right blade attached to the correct jar, pour the ingredients gently into the jar.

  5. Mix the water with ingredients properly

    Cooking in India involves mixing a variety of ingredients together, so several ingredients are mixed together and water is added as needed.

  6. After mixing water and ingredient’s lock the jar lid

    When you have added ingredients to the jar, you must immediately secure the lid and close the jar tightly. Running the mixer grinder jar without a lid is a very dangerous practice. Not only could spills occur, but the machine could also be damaged.

  7. Then properly fix the jar onto the mixer

    When the jar is properly locked on the mixer grinder machine, it is gently twisted so that it snaps into place. If this is not done carefully, then the mixer grinder machine may also be damaged.

  8. Start the mixer grinder

    Once the jar is correctly positioned, turn on the mixer grinder, plug it into the electrical outlet, and turn the speed control knob. The mixer grinder should be turned on at the lowest setting, and then its speed must be gradually increased as required.

  9. Use the consistent speed

    The speed at which the ingredients are processed is vital for ensuring the quality and consistency of processing. Some things, such as dry spices, need to be processed at a higher speed, while others, such as juice, need to be processed at a slower speed.

  10. Monitor the consistency

    It is important to check the consistency of the ingredients during processing. Stop the mixer grinder, remove the lid, and feel the consistency. Different foods must be processed differently, so it is important for you to do this.

  11. Remove the plug and turn off the switch

    When you are finished with using the mixer grinder, disconnect the electric cord from the electrical supply in order to avoid accidental damage. Always put safety first.

  12. Use or store the processed items

    When handling products that have been processed, it is best to remove them from the jar immediately to use or store them. The only exception is when storing the product at room temperature.

  13. Clean the jar properly

    All other mixer grinder accessories, including blades, jars, and other components, must also be thoroughly cleaned after use. Cleaning each part with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive liquid cleaner is recommended, then completely drying it.

How To Use Mixer Grinder

Today we will learn How To Use Mixer Grinder. Many people use a mixer grinder to create different ingredients for food. Mixer grinders can be used to make bread crumbs, rice flour, and more. If you want to use a mixer grinder at home or in the office, there are steps you’ll need to follow:-

Tip Always read the user manual carefully before using the machine.

Plug in the mixer grinder and turn it on.

If you are using the mixer grinder at home, make sure to use it in an area that is well ventilated. Loud noises can develop when you’re working with a mixer grinder. Be sure to wear ear protection if necessary. Always unplug the machine before cleaning, and only clean the outside parts of the machine with a damp cloth.

To keep your machine running smoothly, follow these steps every six months: –

1) When you notice that the blades are becoming dull or have not been cleaned properly, replace them with new ones immediately!

2) If there are dark spots on the glass bowl where the ingredients are being processed, clean it with warm water and dish soap before replacing it with a new one.

3) Clean the outside parts of your machine with a damp cloth.

4) Oil the moving parts before and after you use the machine.

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Q: For what purpose mixer grinder is used?

A: Mixer grinders are used to reduce the size of solids into finer particles, usually with the help of blades. These days mixer grinders are more commonly used as kitchen appliances by people to make both liquid and solid mixtures for recipes.

Q: What does a mixer grinder do?

A: A mixer grinder is an appliance that mixes solid ingredients to form a liquid or paste. It usually consists of three units: the main unit, where the container with blades is fitted; an electric motor with a power rating between 300-1500 Mixer Grinder Wattage for Home Use that drives the blades for mixing purposes; and smaller units used to provide the power required by electrical appliances such as lights, water pumps or fans. The smaller units are usually mounted on the main unit and are known as a control panel.

Q: What is the main purpose of having a mixer grinder?

A: Mixer grinders are used for grinding, blending, and mixing various ingredients so as to produce foods like sauces, pulps, etc. The appliance can be operated manually or it can be attached with an electrical motor for making various things like pastes and purees.

Q: Is it a mixer grinder-mixer combination or a blender?

A: A mixer grinder is essentially a blender that chops the solid ingredients before mixing them. In this process, the blades chop the food into pieces and then mix these pieces with liquid to form a homogenous substance.

On the other hand, blenders just mix the solid ingredients and liquid ingredients together to form a mixture. If you need something that can just chop your food as well as mix it, then a mixer grinder is the appliance that you require for this purpose.

Q: What are the different types of mixer grinders?

A: Mixer grinders come with various built-in options. They may be of different colors, designs, and shapes. The basic styles are the tabletop models which need to be kept on a flat surface like a table or kitchen platform.

Countertop mixer grinders are also available which can be mounted under the kitchen cabinets after removing the legs that come with it. Portable mixers are available for traveling purposes, but they might not contain as much power as their counterparts.

Q: How many speeds does a mixer grinder generally have?

A: Generally, mixer grinders come with two speed settings (high and low) one for chopping food items whereas the other is used to blend them.

However, some electric models have three speeds where you can use high, medium, and low settings according to your requirements.

Q: Is it necessary to have a glass jar or plastic jar while using a mixer grinder?

A: Mixer grinders are available with both glass and plastic jars. The advantage of having a glass jar is that you can see the ingredients getting chopped.

If you are not too particular about this feature, then you can opt for the plastic one which is lighter in weight and more durable.

Q: How many types of blades come with a mixer grinder?

A: There are two varieties of blades included with every mixer grinder; there is the chopping blade and the blending blade or mixing blade.

They perform different functions so if you wish to use your appliance for grinding purposes only, then the mixer grinder that comes with both blades might be a bit of a problem.

Q: What does the power rating of a mixer grinder mean?

A: The speed and other features offered by an appliance like a mixer grinder are often determined by its motor’s power rating. Usually, the higher the power rating; the more powerful will be your device.

Usually, you can find mixers with ratings between 250-1200 watts that are good enough for domestic purposes.

Q: Can I grind dry ingredients using my mixer grinder?

A: You can definitely use your mixer/grinder to grind dry ingredients like chilies, spices, etc., but it is advisable to do so in small quantities. If you wish to make big batches of ground spices or other ingredients, then you should use a grinder. Electric mixers might not be able to grind the ingredients completely due to their low power ratings and less efficient blades.

Q: Can I make ice cream using my mixer grinder?

A: You can definitely prepare ice cream with your mixer/grinder by following the given instructions. Pour some milk in the jar of your device and add one spoon of condensed milk, four spoons of sugar, one tablespoon of vanilla essence, and some chopped nuts along with two or three pieces of rock salt at the bottom.

Now start mixing at low speed for about ten minutes after adding some fresh cream. Keep stirring until you get smooth ice cream which you can serve immediately at room temperature.

Q: Can I use my mixer grinder to prepare juice?

A: You can easily make fruit juices by following the given instructions. Juice your preferred fruit and collect the fresh pulp in a glass jar. Add some water, sugar, or honey to it as required.

Now mix these ingredients with your mixer grinder for two minutes after adding a few drops of lemon juice. Serve the drink immediately if you like chilled drinks; otherwise pour this mixture into an ice cube tray and freeze it until you want to enjoy it later.

Q: Which is a better-mixer grinder with stainless steel body or a plastic body?

A: Usually, stainless steel material offers durability whereas plastic materials are lightweight but they may not be durable enough to withstand rough handling which requires more careful handling from your end.

It is up to you as a user to decide on the material of the construction that suits you best.

Q: Is it necessary to have a separate jar for wet grinding?

A: Yes, if you want to prepare a paste-like consistency using a mixer grinder, then it is advisable to use a wet jar. You will get separate jars for wet grinding with every mixer grinder.

Q: How many speeds can a mixer grinder offer?

A: Mixer grinders are available in two types- the 2-in-1 type and 3-in-1 type where each one offers different sets of features to suit your requirements.

The 2-in-1 type has low-speed and high-speed settings, which are good enough for everyday kitchen purposes; while the 3-in-1 type offers you three different speeds.


If you’ve been looking for a good mixer grinder, we hope this article has helped. We took the time to explain what makes them so useful and how they can be used in your kitchen.

Hopefully, now that you have some information about these handy appliances, you will feel more confident when deciding which one is best for your needs!